The Ultimate Home Rental Guide for Students


Searching for the perfect student apartment is a fun and exciting part of going to the uni. But there are several things you must first look into so you can find the best rental home before the classes get started.

Parry Property’s real estate professionals give you the ultimate guide for students looking for the best home rental:

The Location.

When choosing a rental home, go for the property that is closest to the uni. Choose the student apartment that’s close to the local market, transportation, restaurants and other local amenities because it can save you extra time and cash from the daily commute.

Safety and Security.

Your safety and security should be your top priority, ALWAYS. So, when you go searching for home rentals, don’t forget to ask if the building has working surveillance cameras or CCTVs and other alarm systems. Remember also to check if the windows and doors have available locks and keys so you can secure your things when you are not around.

Affordable rent.

Before signing anything, project your possible monthly expenses to assess if you can afford the rent for the coming months. Sure, amenities like a gym or game room are nice must-haves. But, if having these amenities means that you’ll have to stretch your budget every month, you might miss out on great opportunities or worse, not be able to afford even your daily essentials.


Water, electricity, WIFI--these are some of the typical inclusions in home rentals. But if you see a washing machine, microwave oven, television or water heater, it is best to ask the landlord if these appliances can be used for free. Some rental homes may charge tenants for the use of electrical appliances, and if you are not aware of these extra charges, you might be surprised when it’s already time to pay the bills!

Are you all set to embark onto your house hunting journey? At Parry Property our real estate professionals will show you the best rental properties in Launceston, Tasmania. We are here to help you find properties in great locations at affordable rates. Speak with a rental property expert today!