The importance of the Ingoing Condition Report


The Property Management team at Parry Property understands the importance of the in-going condition report at the start of a General Tenancy Agreement. When a tenant moves into a property, both the tenant and the managing agent are required to complete an entry condition report. 

This report is an extremely important document as it is a record of the condition of the premises at the start of the tenancy.

When completing a condition report, it is not just a case of ticking and flicking that everything is clean, working and undamaged.  Time needs to be taken to describe all of the fixtures and fittings.

If you fail to describe the inclusions, fixtures and fittings in fine detail, it can cause unnecessary disputes at the end of the tenancy or lead to a possible financial loss for the property owner.

The more detailed the entry condition report, the easier it will be to over-come disputes at the end of the tenancy, and the better kept your investment property will be over time.

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