The Importance of Regular Routine Inspections


Routine inspections of the property begin after the tenant has been settled at the 6 week mark. This time frame allows us to identify any problems and to correct them before damage occurs.

Legislation allows us to conduct routine inspections 4 times per year. After our initial 6 week inspection, we follow up again every three months. At these inspections we are checking the property is cared for and that maintenance is not ignored. After all, a water drip can become water damage if not attended to.

With the second inspection at FOUR months this is an ideal time to ensure that everything is in order before the lease is renewed.

After each inspection you, as the owner, will receive a written notification of our inspection and a photo of your property. We understand communication builds trust and we will strive to keep you fully informed.

The team at Parry Property understands that reducing risk is important to all investors.  To find out more information on our risk reduction services call our friendly property management team today on 03 6343 4361 or send an email to