Property Management Market Update


A standout result for the rental team this month was the leasing of 10 Queen Street in Invermay. This property settled on the Tuesday and there was an approved application on the property by the Thursday for $350 per week. There were multiple applications on the property and some quality tenants missed out. If you have a property sitting vacant at the moment, call our office as we have pre-approved applicants searching for somewhere to call home.

Did you know – Your tenant lease will remain valid even if you change agents mid-term. (In fact most tenants are happy when a landlord moves across to us because we are organised and get things done.

We do everything, you don’t even have to make a call to your old agent.

If you would like any more information on the state of the Launceston and Greater Launceston rental market please phone our office direct on 06 63 43 43 61.