5 Reasons A Rental Home Is A Newlyweds Best Option


You’ve just come home from the honeymoon and are finally ready to settle into the newlywed life, but before you can do so, you have to find the perfect home. While buying one would be anyone’s dream, choosing rental properties in Launceston, Tasmania may actually be a better fit for newlyweds. We share five reasons today:

1. You Can Save Money

Married life brings new stresses and new bills, and it’s crucial to realise the importance of saving money early on. After all, you don’t want to spend the first year as newlyweds trying to pay off debts. It’s better to save up first so you can buy a better house in the future when you start to expand your family.

2. It’s Easier to Deal With Career Changes.

Unless you or your spouse are already set on your careers, there’s a chance that either of you might get relocated for work or choose to switch jobs later. Because of this, investing in a new home may not be the best idea. You would have to put your home on the market and hope it sells. This process can take weeks or even up to a year, which can hinder your move. By choosing a rental newlywed home, you can easily pack up your things and relocate without having to worry about mortgages and other fees..

3. Great Flexibility and Variety.

When renting a place, you’re not as limited by your budget compared with buying. You can choose the community you want to live in, the size of the property and everything else depending on your needs as a couple. If the current property is no longer working for you, you can always move!

4. Escape Hidden Costs and Fees.

Being a homeowner is great, but it also comes with hidden costs and fees that renters won’t have to worry about. Homeowners have to deal with property taxes, homeowner’s association fees and maintenance fees to name a few. You would also need to insure your house, especially if it’s an older home. Even if you decide to get renter’s insurance, this would be much cheaper than everything mentioned above.

5. It’s Less Stressful.

Trying to find a property that’s located in your preferred neighborhood and that fits your lifestyle takes a lot of time and research. Newlywed couples are often busy trying to adjust to their new life, and would not have the time to do intensive research. Because of this, they end up buying a place that they don’t even like.

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