Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum

Director & Property Sales Associate to Katrina Garwood
0411 702 197

"What I love about working at Parry Property is the "vibe" and if you ever saw the movie "The Castle" you'll know what I mean. It's all energy enthusiasm and "one in, all in" way of life.

The reason I joined the Parry Property is I was looking for a challenge. After 7 years with another company I had become a "square peg in a round hole". No leadership, no direction and no enthusiasm. Coming to work at Parry Property is a "hoot".

Team environment with people prepared to laugh out loud but put the head down and have a real dip. Every day at Parry Property produces something new whether it's work related " or people related."

Ian McCallum joins Parry Property with a wealth of experience gained in the hurly burly of the Melbourne market and for the last seven years here in Launceston and the Tamar Valley. His fifteen years in the real estate industry has seen him cover the full gauntlet but particularly specializing in the areas of marketing, administration and auctioneering. A winner of several awards with the country’s largest franchise group, Ian is genuinely excited to work with Launceston’s premium boutique agency, Parry Property and believes it’s an important step forward in this ever changing industry and together with Katrina Garwood, forms a formidable team. Ian can be contacted on 0411 702 197!

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